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Multilingual alphabet for children.

The alphabet in six European languages.

This book aims to stimulate children’s curiosity so that they grow up without fearing linguistic differences, and with the hope that this way they will consider such differences a resource rather than a barrier.

We’re encouraging our children’s curiosity so that they grow without fear of linguistic differences!

What will our children’s Europe be like? And beyond Europe, what will the world of tomorrow be like?

And what can we, adults and parents, do to make their future easier? Even if we can’t do anything on a macroeconomic or political level, we can give them a resource that will guide them towards an understanding of those who currently live and, increasingly, will live around them.

Although Europeans have lived with constantly intertwined histories and relationships, peaceful and violent, and coordinated the development of science and technology, while progressing culturally in substantially homogenous ways, the Babel of European languages has, for many, always been an obstacle and barrier. But that same Babel of languages is a cultural and intellectual treasure chest from which Europeans are, more and more often, able to reap rewards and benefits.

Of the 21 most widely spoken languages in the world, 6 are European: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Apart from Portuguese, the other 5 are also the top 5 most spoken in Europe.

This book is dedicated to the little citizens of Europe and around the world, Citizens of Tomorrow, with the hope that even a small smattering of the most common European languages can help them overcome the language barriers that all too often keep them apart.

Multilingual alphabet for children

Book for children in pre-school and their first years of primary school. Based on the learning/teaching of the alphabet by associating letters with images, but extended to the 6 most common European languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese).

The book associates each letter of the alphabet with one (or more) words, and each word with a picture that it represents, offering the potential to understand that the distance between languages isn’t an obstacle to be feared. The book aims to stimulate phonetic fluency (that is, the ability to memorise and recall several words for a particular letter), both in the mother tongue and other languages and to stimulate curiosity and approaching languages in a non-traumatic way.

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Luca Sandonà
Luca SandonàAuthor

One letter for each word,

One picture for each letter,

just one book for six languages,

just one book for all children,

six languages to explore,

and so many words to learn.

Giulia Baratella
Giulia BaratellaIllustrator