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If you do not know Kickstarter or what crowdfounding is, let me try to explain it in a few simple steps:

  • Kickstarter, like the other crowdfunding websites, encourages a meeting between those who have the idea for a product and those who might want to buy i
  • The creators of the project choose an expiry date and a minimum of funds to be reached.
  • Anyone can participate in the project if they are interested in the product offered.
  • If the project is successful, the creators are responsible for completing it and delivering what has been promised.
  • If the chosen minimum is not reached by the deadline, the project fails and the funds are not collected.
  • Therefore, if the project does not reach its goal there will be no charge to your credit c
  • It is possible to participate in a project by registering on Kickstarter but also as a guest without registration (you will need to register later).
  • A credit card is required to participate in a project.
  • The funds will be charged after the end of the Kickstarter project only if it reaches or exceeds the minimum amount.
  • You can cancel your offer at any time while a project’s Kickstarter campaign is active, i.e.before the end date of the Kickstarter project. You will not be charged anything. 
  • The GOAL is the minimum amount of money the project needs to reach to be successful.
  • The PLEDGE is the choice you make and shows the amount you will pay to support the project and get the product.
  • There can be many pledge LEVELS for different amounts, each one offering the product but with some differences between them. (One copy, more than one copy, with some special details, digital copy only, etc.)
  • Shipping expenses are often added to the pledge, the total amount you will have to pay including shipping is shown when you select a pledge.

For more information on Kickstarter you can consult the Wikipedia page in your language here.

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