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Hello belters!!! Starting from today we will begin to introduce you to the game mechanics of “The Europa Incident” (or TEI), the first board game produced by Fucina Logica Games. We strongly believe, infact, that our solutions are a decisive factor of the game. Mechanics convey a balanced game experience, a keypoint more important for us than defining our product a german or an american game, such as label-lovers do (eheheh!).

TEI is a deck-building (but not only…)

First of all, it’s important to remember that TEI is a deck-building board game where building the deck is necessary and definitively important but not enough to win. The deck of the player owns represents what a good governing body makes of the resources at his disposal: optimization and continuous improvement. On the other hand resources have to be used for something better and beyond their own perfect management, therefore TEI offers a modular hexes map to satisfy the will of discovering new useful celestial bodies, as well as new reasons to develop new technologies for better exploration and conquest of our Solar System!

cristian mungherli game desginer the europa incident

To begin with, TEI’s game-designer, Cristian (the man shown on the picture above), decided to split the game round in three phases, this choice allows to have a greater control of the balance between the players (the so-called Factions in the game). In fact, in the eraly stages of the game design, factions were no more than numerical values hung in some equations, yes, yes you understood well: equations! You must know that Cristian is a math academic with strong logical skills and, of course, he started right from here.

Defining better these factions would have been easier when the overall structure of the game and the various mathematical models had become more solid.

That said, let us explain the first phase of each turn.


Each player must prepare carefully for an eventual clash or to explore/strengthen a new portion of the asteroid belt. This is the time to buy new cards or units:

they could be new resource cards, there are in fact cards that considerably improve the players’ deck but in a certain number,

– they could be new ships or marine vessels for the conquest of space,

– or they could be new breakthroughs in futuristic technologies or improvements in colonies on conquered asteroids.

The choice to spend the cards of one’s hand also affect the next stages, since each turn each player has only five cards available in hand.

Initially, the hand was simply made by a 5-card random drawn from Player’s deck, in perfect deck-building style. However, thanks to initial tests made inside Fucina Logica, we realized that to make the experience a bit more challenging and “realistic” (let’s go ahead with this term) not all cards have to be randomly drawn. This, the mechanic TEI proposes to you: of the 5 cards that make up  Player’s hand, 2 are chosen among those available , while only 3 are randomly drawn.

…or, as we said, an “enhanced” deck-building game experience!

prototype resources fuel TEI

prototype resources gold TEIprototype resources production TEI






Thanks to this solution, planning phase became more stable and gave a better feeling of the real planning of a struggling faction.

Soon we will show you the second phase of our game, The Europa Incident: Exploration.

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