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Here are some interesting informations about the setting we are developing for The Europa Incident, our Sci-Fi boardgame soon launching on Kickstarter.
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Oh yes, these should be the boxes of the three sets (they are under development).

The Europa Incident – Setting overview

Facts and events narrated in The Europa Incident take place in a not so Far Future.

Trasporti CSC in orbita su Europa

A brutal era where individualism definitively took over on the Old Earth and all our current fears revealed themselves in unstoppable population growth, devastating climate changes, selfish resource gathering and seemingly endless low-intensity war cycle. Many Nation-states, as we knew them, crumbled, others joined forces in an effort to save their interests and their population. Others simply were replaced by more powerful private entities, huge corporations or ideological organizations.

Europa had been the center of interest

Human race looked up at the stars to find new resources and a new future and new leaders led and arose from this slow but possibly endless diaspora. Solar System colonization came out of necessity and soon generated micro-conflicts for its resources. This cold war did not escalate, it remained at a low level until one faction, the visionary Central Scientific Committee which ruled Europa decided that their almost peaceful revolution in economic policy could and should be exported. Europa had long been the center of interests of the most active factions in the Main Asteroid Belt. Plenty of water and fundamental minerals lay below its icy crust. And many rumors circulated about something even more strange and important hided in its watery depth.

It was not a case or coincidence, then, that when the CSC rose boldly its voice all rushed, showing the muscles.

The asian megacorporantion ZhangSpace was the first to arrive with its fleet, officially in defense of its surface colony on Europa. It was immediately emulated by the impressive fleet of the military government of Anglo-Atlantic Alliance who replaced and took over the NASA-UKSA operations in the Solar System. All the rest followed, the corporate-backed European NMA, the philosophical-religious organization of NeoViridians and the always larger self-proclaimed government of slavic people in space, Kosmoslavia.

Even the rebellious miners union, CTI reacted claiming outposts and undefended spaceships, generating even more chaos than the ubiquitous pirate forces of BeltFreeRunners.

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