The Europa Incident – The Game of Near Space Conquest

I“In the cold, deep space there is no noise, no explosions or other sounds in the deep space, yet Man just screams at his craving for a new life.

He screams the desire for a new space where he can evolve into an higher form.

The way Man has always used to look for his own improvement is through challenge, in a spiral of violence and conflict, seeking within himself and in front of his kind the necessary strength for a new and powerful leap forward. “


The Europa Incident is a science fiction boardgame about the control of the most strategically and economically useful sites in the Main Asteroid Belt of our Solar System by mega-corporations, transnational agencies, and armed organizations. The game uses a partially random hand of card with deckbuilding mechanic through which it is possible to use available resources for infrastructure construction, technological development and conflict management. The Europa Incident mixes typically “managerial” gaming elements to strategic expansion and conquest dynamics enhanced by a chit-pull combat resolution system. Effective expansion of control zones is the key and it must be fast. Fighting, on the other side, can be useful, but it will be the one who first consolidate its own expansion to be more likely to win.


    Technology Cards

  • Starter Cards:

    • GOLD cards
    • FUEL cards
    • PRODUCTION cards
    • Each player will have cards per type
  • RESOURCES cards:

    • LUXURY GOODS cards
    • RARE GOODS cards
    • BIOMASS FUEL cards
    • DI-LITHIUM cards

    PLAYER BOARDS for each Player/Faction


    • Map Hexes containing EXPLOITABLE (Colonizable) Asteroids or Moonlets
    • VOID SPACE Map hexes

    • Resource tokens:
      • GOLD
      • FUEL
    • Combat tokens:
      • ATTACK
      • DEFENSE
      • SUPPORT
    • SIEGE tokens

    • COLONY counters:
      • LEVEL 1 Colony
      • LEVEL 2 Colony
      • LEVEL 3 Colony
      • divided into two colors (one for each player)
    • Ships counters for each Faction (player)
    • Marine Unit counters for each Faction (player)

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