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Hello WORLD!

In the next days we would like to show you some interesting features about our (first) game, from the concept to final graphic layouts, but also the background settings, but also all the sources that inspired us in developing it.

What’s The Europa Incident?

First of all it’s an “enhanced” deckbuilding game, that we are going to launch on Kickstarter very soon!

It’s been created by Cristian “Vrakastalion” Mungherli.

Maybe someday you would like to know the meaning of his nickname… later, later… but now let’s start with what he said about his game.

ships on Europa

“I developed The Europa Incident game (TEI) with the deckbuilding system in mind, and I tried to give it a personal interpretation of a deck that gives player access to the resources and which, by this, it permits a better management of the game Factions. I started from some stories to expand into a plausible setting and possible resources required by a future economy.

To avoid to unoriginally replicate games I’ve seen I have imagined a technology management scheme that is different from the usual deckbuilding mechanics. I would like to highlight in the game the following keypoints:

  • need for balance in player’s planning
  • countless victory opportunities given the gaming system
  • essential choices that each player has to make in every single turn.

I would also like to give the players the same pleasure I had when designing the game, and a real immersive game experience when facing problems arising in the near future we imagined.

ZhangSpace transport Ship

No randomness (but not even completely free from it)

In conclusion, from my point of view, I’ve been looking for a game that is not based on pure randomness, but not even completely free from it, on the other hand battles are not won with the sole tactical ability or the arithmetical selection of the composition of your forces.”

AAA Lucius CornwallisNMA Elena Kreuz-Verriet

Starter kit is designed for two players: Anglo Atlantic Alliance (transnational political organization) Vs ZhangSpace (Megacorporation), but we are going to launch different sets for a multiplayer gaming experience!

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Thank you again for reading this far!

And save the date! The Europa Incident will land on Kickstarter on October 16th!

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